Seven Random Facts about Myself

1. I have a twin sister.

2. My father has five siblings.

3. I have a birthmark on my knee.

4. I take my phone almost everywhere I go.

5. My wardrobe mainly consists of the color gray.

6. All of my cousins, siblings, and I are left handed.

7. I have twenty-one photos on my Instagram account.


6 thoughts on “Seven Random Facts about Myself”

  1. Grace,
    Some interesting facts. As I don’t have a mobile phone of any sort, I am not like your #4 but I do take my iPad everywhere with me.

    Why the colour grey for most of your clothing?

  2. I too am left handed! Also what are your instagram pictures of? Is it all random? Do you have a theme? It is pictures of you or objects?

    1. Yes, I do have a theme, I post a lot about whatever I am inspired by. I post pictures of myself and of objects, but mostly objects.

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